Industrial, Military Defense and Oilfield Supplier Toronto Canada.

Manufacturing, Engineering, Testing and Consultancy


  • Alroy Sheet Metals, Precision Sheet Metalwork, Machining and Finishing
  • The DBM-01 has been developed as a stand alone
  • Loc Performance, Full Service Provider of Geared Systems, Suspension Systems, and Other Complex Mechanical Assemblies
  • Marshall Land Systems, Workspace, Vehicular Logistics, Capability Development and Support
  • Metal Form Group, Toolmaking and Metal Stamping Capabilities
  • MS Instruments, Live-Fire Training and Covert Protection Systems and Ballistic Instrumentation and Testing
  • Mustang Advanced Engineering, Military Engine, Powertrain and Vehicle Testing and Measuring Systems
  • Napco, Military Vehicle Spare Parts and Accessories
  • National Institute for Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Protection, CBRN Solutions Testing
  • Pario Solutions Group, Security Risk, Emergency and Disaster Management, and Governance, Military and Law Enforcement Consultative Services
  • THIOT INGENIERIE, Shock Physics and Autofrettage for Gun Barrels
  • TNO, Partners in Defence Research and Development
  • VCAMM, Composite Material Research, Development and Project Management
  • Wamore, Precision Cargo Handling and Delivery Systems, Joint Precision Airdrop Systems (JPADS) / Parachute Release Systems, Aerial Testing and
  • Airdrop Operations, Engineering Solutions and Support
  • Wisconsin Metal Tech, Specializes in CNC Machining of Stainless Steel Parts and Distribution of Stainless Steel Bar Products
  • WITPiS, Military Vehicle Testing
  • WKC, Military Swords and Ceremonial Dress Sword

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